• dic 24th 2011

Due righe per augurate a tutti buone feste. Noi le passeremo come da tradizione in famiglia (Cherubini) e in mare!
Dopo qualche giorno di riposo e diversi giorni di pulizie anche il nostro angioletto si รจ ripreso dala fatiche della navigazione
Eccolo prima sofferente…

Ed ora se la gode anche lui!

Seasonal Greetings!!!

14 Responses

  1. Mara scrive:

    Ciao a tutti!
    auguri di buone feste a tutti i presenti!

  2. renata scrive:

    Auguroni di buone feste a tutti !!!!!!!! Non sono riusciti ( i miei tecnici ) a mettersi in contatto con voi
    il giorno di natale !!!! : – (
    Ci sentiremo !!!!!!!!
    Buon S:Stefano e .forse non serve dirlo. DIVERTITEVI !!!!!!!!!! : -)
    bello l’angioletto sorridente !!!!!!!!!!!!
    baci baci baciiiiiiiiii

  3. lissy scrive:

    tentissimi auguriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii baci baci baci lissy

  4. marta scrive:



  5. sakura scrive:

    buon anno a Voi e al re e regina. Ciao

  6. Cia scrive:

    Tanti auguri a tutti…e che il vento vi sia sempre propizio!

  7. Ridas scrive:

    Buon anno!!!! per un 2012 con il vento in poppa!!!

  8. lissy scrive:

    buon anno!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Che sia un buonissimo 2012!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Auguri auguri !!!!!!!

    Baci Lissy

  9. Dragana & Dejan scrive:

    Dear friends, all the best in 2012!!!

  10. enrica e claudio scrive:

    dove siete? ancora nelle vergini americane?
    a presto da Antigua
    Enrica e Claudio

  11. keith jefferson scrive:

    I just emailed you guys. Know it need to learn a new language. Hope everything to warm and sunny for you both…

  12. keith jefferson scrive:

    I just realized that there is a language converter. Great know I can read all your entries. congraduations you made it. We fallowed the next day and hit big weather and mechanical failure (sail etc.) We held our course for St Maartin until the 5th day and redirected to land any land. We ended up at St John AVI as the weather became more bearable. we looked for you AVI AND BVI around Dec 8 and 9th. So glad to hear your enjoying the warmth.
    I would be great to talk as I feel it would be good for my heart to hear from others who experienced the same events.



  13. keith jefferson scrive:

    I forgot the anti spam and now have to redue this comment.
    Congraduations you made it. We fallow you out of Morrehead the next day. That night we had a big time with the Western blowing throught Morrehead. We added 3 lines making 6 altogether holding the boat to the dock.. My mind continued to think of you out there —- hoping you were is quieter waters. We hit big weather. And I mean BIG. We stayed on course to St Maartin until the 5th day when Jason was so sick we were asking Coast Guard to pick us up.(no it was not your fish —- but we forgot some of it and could smell it for the last 5 days anywhere in the boat) Yes bye bye to boat
    After finded out there was only a Tug boat in the area.and in these high sea they could not come along side without sinking us—– we changed headings for land I think any land. We ended up in St Johns AVI. exactly 9 days later. We made good time —– could have been in the Bahamas 1500.
    I often remembered your boat and the Safety equipement and our boat with ?
    I would be great to hear from you. Actually talking would be a great adventure. Travelingt the same route and so close to the time our experiences would resonate.
    Can now say be there done that.



  14. Nadia scrive:

    Un saluto a tutti in ritardo!! E Buon anno!

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